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The best Crossfit supplements (for health) | Balance

CrossFit is a sport of fine margins. The separation between first and last may only be a few extra seconds, pounds lifted or reps completed.

Each CrossFit workout is unique and stresses the utmost capacity of a Crossfitter's athletic performance and muscle capacity. A workout can push the individual's ability to perform and recover to their absolute max.

With such fine margins often being the key determinant of success within the sport, Crossfitters need to pay all the more attention to their diet, sleep, stress management and workout programming.

Over the next few weeks we'll be providing a comprehensive guide of Crossfit supplementation covering;

  • Performance

  • Recovery

  • General health

  • Sleep quality and quantity

The best Crossfit supplements for health

The best athlete version of you will also be the healthiest version of you.

It's absolutely paramount that Crossfit athletes prioritise their general health if they really want to see their performance improve.

Being healthier outside of the sport will allow you to perform and recover better within and around it. It'll also help minimize injury risk, reduce the chances of illness and ensure that your mental health is also in a good place.

General Health

What is the base of all good exercise performance and recovery? Being healthy of course. Health can be defined in many ways and should include all of life’s domains (of which include our physical, mental, financial, career and social health).

Our specific focus, at least as it relates to choosing specific supplementation, revolves around optimizing and or protecting our physical and mental health.

It is well understood that a CrossFit athlete has additional demands for nutrients given the nature of their physical activity schedule and the need to recover from repeated bouts of high intensity exercise.

In this article we're going to cover the most important supplements that Crossfitters should consider (and, arguably, need to take).

Vitamin D

Vitamin D, iron and an omega 3 fatty acid supplement would all be highly recommended for a CrossFit athlete; not only will these supplements help to fortify their overall state of wellbeing but athletes have additional demands for iron (a mineral with an important role in oxygen transportation and energy production).