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Niamh's Story


I honestly never thought I would get to this stage, feeling totally confident in my mindset and my skills that I can keep going on my own. I keep thinking back to the times I've tried working on this before and before I'd found Balance.


My relationship with food was so messed up, I was binging every weekend, eating little to nothing during the week and I just felt like I hated myself and my body.


This experience has been so completely different. I honestly cannot remember the last time I even had the urge to binge. Elle has held my hand through all of my wobbles and we've come out the other side as a team. I never once felt embarrassed or like I had to lie about making progress when I hadn't actually.

I remember being so scared to sign up with Balance last summer and when I finally took the plunge I said to myself that I just wanted to lose weight and that was it, there was no point in saying I'd work on my relationship with food because it was broken forever.


Then slowly but surely all with Elle's guidance I started to see myself and my body in such a different light. It was like I wasn't fighting against myself anymore and started to work with my body and appreciate everything it does for me.


Now today being in a deficit is no longer a trigger for me, I know the slow and steady way is the best way for me to lose weight, eating out doesn't begin with a week of restriction beforehand, eating everything in sight and then restricting for the week after. All my measurements are slowly going down with very little mental effort on my part, my running performance isn't being affected at all (the opposite really - I'm running faster! ), I've started going to gym classes twice a week and I'm seeing progress there week on week and I just feel so much lighter mentally. Food doesn't occupy every thought I have anymore and it feels so good! 


I honestly never thought I'd get back to a place of such peace with my food and my body!

"Educational, Inspiring, Person-centered, dedicated, but most importantly filled with people who CARE about YOU and YOUR own personal journey. You are more than a "client" to Balance."

- Chloe M

Snapshots of our clients experiences

Stephanie's experience


I can’t recommend Balance enough. I had never not struggled with my self image and relationship with food. I had tried everything to try alter my body and always ended up struggling even more. Within a short time my relationship with food and how I valued myself completely changed for the better after working with Jamie.


Jamie was always there to discuss anything that was going on and had a way of making me feel like I was working towards the happiest and most loving version of myself even if I had a little wobble - everything is a learning opportunity.


The process is so kind and centered on you as a person. Balance is so much more than just a nutritionist service- it tackles different issues that effect all aspects of your life. Now, I can eat without shame, not binge, understand what a meal actually is, eat defined meals and ultimately just treat myself with a lot of kindness. My only regret is not starting with Balance sooner. Balance has completely changed my life for the better and I’m so grateful for the service.

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