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The Guide to a Binge Free Festive Season

Get Our Free Guide to Guilt-Free Festive Enjoyment! 


Packed with insightful strategies, effective tools, and practical tips, this guide empowers you to relish every festive moment while maintaining a healthy balance. Let this year be the year you break free from the cycle of bingeing and guilt.


Download our free guide now and make this Christmas your most enjoyable one yet free of guilt, shame and bingeing!

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Hi, I'm Jamie Wright

I've helped hundreds, if not thousands of people Be Binge Free over the last 8 years

I was once just like you.

I struggled with binge eating and fought to overcome it for the best part of ten years. Breaking free from binge eating has led me down a career path where now, I'm considered one of Ireland's leading experts in the field and have helped countless people beyond those I've worked with beat binge eating for good and live a life of food freedom and peace.

I created this guide to help you.

I want you to experience the freedom of a life and a festive season free from the fear of losing control; I want to empower you to step into freedom and make the most of your Christmas and all the joy it brings. 

Download the guide and embrace a life free from binge eating and one centred around always moving towards a healthier, happier life.

Download our other life changing guide - Be Binge Free

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