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The best Crossfit supplements (for performance) | Balance

CrossFit is a sport of fine margins. The separation between first and last may only be a few extra seconds, pounds lifted or reps completed.

Each CrossFit workout is unique and stresses the utmost capacity of a Crossfitter's athletic performance and muscle capacity. A workout can push the individual's ability to perform and recover to their absolute max.

With such fine margins often being the key determinant of success within the sport, Crossfitters need to pay all the more attention to their diet, sleep, stress management and workout programming.

Over the next few weeks we'll be providing a comprehensive guide of Crossfit supplementation covering;

  • Performance

  • Recovery

  • General health

  • Sleep quality and quantity

The best Crossfit supplements for performance

Every athlete wants to know "what supplementation do I need to take to improve my performance?"

Well, we're here to make that very simple for you by giving you our top four supplements for improving your WOD scores and times.


The granddaddy of athletic performance enhancing supplementation, caffeine is simply awesome. Caffeine is typically found within a pre workout supplement. Caffeine offers a whole multitude of benefits, ranging from increased calorie expenditure to improved performance. A strong black coffee or sugar free energy drink would be a good choice! Alternatively, you could try a pre-workout option (visit Myprotein for their range and use our discount code JAMIEW for up to 50% off).


Mostly everyone into their health and fitness has heard of good ol' creatine. Creatine is like an energy “recycler”, helping to replenish what our body uses to produce energy on a virtually continual basis (especially during athletic performance).

Creatine supplementation has been shown to significantly improve athletic performance when supplemented over time.

Creatine supplementation is typically taken in two ways; either “loading” with it or taking it more consistently.