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One to One Coaching Services

Nutrition and Wellbeing Coaching from a qualified, professional and empathetic coach

Weight Loss & Management

We have a unique approach to weight change; we teach you and support you to your goal while giving you the skills and knowledge to maintain your progress and be successful long after you're finished with us.

Our nutritionist service focuses on healthy (both physically and mentally), empowering and non-restrictive practices to support you in achieving and maintaining your goal weight.

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Sports Nutrition for Athletes

Our sports and exercise nutrition service encompasses evidence based techniques honed by years of experience working with the highest level of athletes.

Our service is unique in that we treat our athletes not just as the performers they are, but the people they are too. From Olympians to local amateurs, from track and field to team sports, our expertise is as dynamic and broad as our experience.


Support for Eating Disorders & Disordered Eating

This service addresses these issues from all fronts; enabling you to manage them present day whilst supporting you to get to the very source and make peace with / resolve it.

We understand that these struggles extend far beyond food and our experience and expertise in these subjects have allowed us to free many people from the living prison that is an eating disorder / disordered eating.

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