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Weight Loss & Management
Nutrition Coaching

Lifelong sustainable change

There is no one size fits all approach to weight management. 


Balance helps you cut through the fads and get to the facts. We help people achieve life changing weight loss transformations not through copy/paste meal plans or extreme restriction but through a person-centric approach tailored to you and your lifestyle. 


Our one to one coaching service will work with you to better understand you and your circumstances to design the optimal approach to your nutrition and wellbeing. Your coach will work with you to identify your struggles with weight and nutrition and find the best way to challenge and overcome them while providing advice, support and accountability.


Our customised approach has helped hundreds of people elevate above their present circumstances and challenges in order to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way and easily maintain it.

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Fad Diets
 Post Physique
Shoot Issues

Our clients have overcome


Rachel 's Story

For most of my adult life, I've been trying to lose weight, even for most of my pre-adult life it feels. I've tried every slimming club and meal replacement and quick fix going. All of them worked, until they didn't. All of them were temporary solutions to a permanent issue.

When I first signed up with Jamie, nearly three years ago, I thought it would be more of the same. I thought I’d get a meal plan and a weekly call or email, and that’s what our relationship would be like - transactional and distant. 

Instead what I’ve gotten over the last few years is so far beyond that: encouragement, accountability, patience, and more than once a shoulder to cry on. Jamie has helped me face up to the issues in life that were causing severe binge eating and weight gain, tackle them and completely mend my relationship with food and with myself. He’s been my biggest cheerleader, always there to listen when I am struggling, and always there to celebrate when I hit a milestone. 

I'd like to tell you that it's been a linear process, that since day 1 it's been smooth sailing, but the reality is far from it, and it's only in the last year that everything has started to slot into place. It's a credit to Jamie for not throwing in the towel, and for not allowing me to give up on myself like I have done before.It’s thanks to his tailored approach that I was able to process things at my own pace.


I've now lost 35kg since December 2021, eating food that I enjoy and feeling in control of my emotions and my appetite.


Working with Balance has changed my life, and for every kilogram I've lost, I've gained so much more - more confidence, more self belief and more power. 

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How We Work

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*We suggest a minimum of three month commitment 

per month​*

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The first step of your journey is to book a free consultation call, where you can get to know us better and we can get to know you and decide if Balance is the right fit for you.


You will then be sent a screening questionnaire and once this is returned you will be assigned a dietician or nutritionist coach who is the right fit for you.


Your coach will create a nutrition and lifestyle plan unique to you and your goals. Each week, you will check in with your coach reflecting on how your week has gone and they will give you feedback and an updated plan and advice for the week to come. 


Throughout the week you will also have access to your coach via WhatsApp and email for support or any questions you may have.

Each week will be a stepping stone towards your goals and achieving your healthiest, happiest self!

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