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Health goals for January that aren't weight loss related | Balance

New Year's resolutions are right around the corner and, as we ring in the new year, many of us are thinking about our health goals for the coming months.

Whilst weight loss is often a top priority, there are plenty of other goals you can set that aren't related to your size or number on the scale.

Afterall, who's to say that the healthiest version of you is also the smallest?

Here are six simple goals for a healthier, happier you this January...

1. Nail down a solid routine

When it comes to getting healthier, it's important to have a routine that you can stick to. Our routine is like a blueprint and we are the product of that blueprint. Having a routine that serves you and your current circumstances will help you stay on track and see results over time.

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables

Fruits and veggies are jam packed full of physical and mental health promoting nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Many of us know that we should be having more but still fail to achieve that. Set yourself a realistic target which is sustainable and make it fun. Yes, FUN. Food doesn't have to be boring and health is not a burden. Come up with a challenge; explore a new cuisine or try some new textures!

3. Get up at the same time every morning

Maintaining a healthy sleep schedule is important for your overall health and well-being. Sleeping too much or too little can have negative consequences on your body and mind.

One way to maintain a good sleep schedule is to get up at the same time each morning. This will help regulate your body's natural circadian rhythm, which plays a role in how well you sleep. Setting a consistent wake-up time can be tough, but it's worth it for the benefits it provides.

4. Exercise for 30 minutes each day (e.g., walking, jogging, yoga)

If you’re like most people, you probably think that you don’t have time to exercise. But did you know that research shows that you can improve your health by exercising for just 30 minutes each day?

You don't have to climb mountains, run marathons or spend hours at a time in the gym. You just have to find something that you love to do that raises your heart rate and do that for 30 minutes a day.

We're big fans of walking; many of our clients have a step goal and since incorporating walking have raved about the benefit it has had on their physical and mental health!

5. Take a vitamin D supplement in the morning with breakfast

Vitamin D is an important vitamin that is often overlooked. What's worse is that many of us fail to get our required intake (even when exposed to sunlight!)

Regardless of your time spent outside, it may be best practice to take a vitamin D supplement. Vitamin D can help with calcium absorption and help to promote stronger bones. It can also help reduce the risk of certain diseases, such as cancer and heart disease.

It is one of the safest supplements around and offers so many benefits. It can also work wonders for our immune system and is extremely useful in fighting against pathogens and other harmful outside invaders.

Aim for around 1000IU (25mcg) per day

6. Spending 10 minutes journalling, in meditation or prayer every night before bedtime

It's been said that the moments right before bedtime are some of the most important in a day. Taking a few minutes to reflect on your thoughts and emotions from the day can help you wind down and prepare for sleep. If you're looking for ways to relax before bed, spending time journaling, meditating, or praying may be just what you need.

This nightly ritual will help you to relax and get a good night's sleep. Spending some time in peace and reflection each evening can also help improve your mental well-being. So give it a try - you may be surprised at how beneficial it is!

Concluding remarks

I hope our goals have been able to help you set some of your own health goals for January that aren't related to weight loss.

It's great to see how many of the people who responded are taking a break from their New Year resolutions and focusing on themselves as well as setting realistic, achievable goals!

This is something we all need more of in our lives - so take a look at your own list and try not to focus too much on what other people think about them or whether they will be successful.

What goals are you setting yourself this new year? Let our team know if there's anything else we can do to help make sure 2022 is your best year yet.

If you want to start planning for 2022 and setting your SMART goals then check out our free to download SMART goal setting worksheet.

You can check out our other free resouces here;

Our clients love it and we're sure you will too!

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