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Do you offer exercise plans?

Not currently. This is beyond our current qualifications, however it will be a service we look to include in the future as we continue to expand.

How are you different from other nutritionist services?

We apply evidence based practices moulded by our experience with working with hundreds of clients. No miracle diets, no fads, no magic supplements; proven approaches tailored for you to apply consistently over time and scalable with your own experience. We also empower and enable our clients to be able to work on their own. Our goal isn't to work with you forever, but simply until you're able to attack your goals on your own accord and without external support.

Are your subscriptions binding contracts?

No. Clients are able to cancel at any time should they feel the need to. We ask for a minimum of a 3 month commitment so as we can achieve a significant amount of progress. Many of our clients stay longer and a few have achieved what they've wanted to in a shorter period of time. Subscriptions are fluid as we want you to trust us and our message.

Are all your strategies calorie counting related?

Absolutely not. Many of our clients prefer to use other approaches and or wish to progress into a calorie and macronutrient tracking approach. How we support you is based upon the information we receive in your screening questionnaire; everything is tailored so that application is best achieved.

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