Meet our Team

Jamie Wright (MSc, BSc, ANutr)

Owner & Head Coach

  • MSc in Nutrition with a specialization in Obesity and Weight Management

  • Published research which has been presented at international conferences in the UK and Australia

  • BSc in Sports and Exercise Science (with a research project focus on nutrient metabolism during performance)

  • 8 + years of one to one coaching experience

  • Wealth of experience working with all levels of athletes; from national to international and even Olympic level competitors

  • MyProtein featured author

  • Authored multiple books on subjects surrounding female nutrition

Catherine Downey (MSc, BSc, RD)


  • HCPC Registered Dietitian specialising in Behaviour Change and Motivational Interviewing

  • MSc in Health Promotion & Public Health

  • Health & Wellbeing Trainer and Educator specialising in Mental Health

  • 5 years-experience providing high-quality personalised nutrition services to individuals and athletes of all levels (including olympic cyclists) 

  • Experience developing and delivering holistic digital and in-person programmes on nutrition, exercise, sleep and recovery to top organisations and teams across the UK

  • Mental Health First Aider

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