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How to curb your hunger at home

Thanks to the present climate, many of us are spending the majority of our day within our own homes. Whilst working from home, spending more time with the family and having more free time to pursue your interests are incredibly positive takeaways from what has become our new norm, there are those of us who are finding it more and more difficult to manage their diet and, in particular, hunger.

There are two primary forms of hunger to be aware of; true hunger and emotional hunger. Understanding and identifying which you are feeling will empower you to make the right choices and or choose the right behaviours to curb your hunger effectively whilst achieving the most optimal outcome for both your physical and mental health.

True hunger vs. emotional hunger

"How do I know which kind of hunger I am experiencing?"

Well, there are distinct differences between the two states of hunger. True hunger can be identified as a feeling which starts gradually. Any type of food will satisfy true hunger and you will have the will power to stop once you are satisfied.

As well as this, you will, most likely (although it depends on that individual), not having feelings of guilt afterwards and or associate the foods you have eaten with a negative experience.

Emotional hunger on the other hand is more complex. It comes on suddenly and can be caused by a state of heightened emotion (such as increasing levels of stress or anxiety) or boredom. With emotional hunger, the person is typically; craving specific foods, not satisfied once full, eating mindlessly and can even lead to feelings of guilt, regret, shame and even depression.

Evidence based approaches to improve satiety and combat hunger at home

Identification of the hunger you’re experiencing is important but the approaches we take to address said hunger are arguably more so. It’s worth noting as well that the methods you use to address true hunger may not differentiate from emotional hunger (and vice versa) depending on the context of that situation.

We’ll distinguish methods you can use to tackle each form of hunger but that does not necessarily mean you cannot use those methods interchangeably between the two forms. They’re still addressing the same feeling after all; hunger, it’s just the drivers of that feeling change.

Managing true hunger

When it comes to managing true hunger, aside from simply satiating the feeling when it comes over us naturally by simply having food, there are multiple strategies we can use to effectively satiate ourselves and manage our weight (if we are less active).

One of the most effe