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5 Calorie Tracking Free Weight Loss Tips

When it comes to losing weight, calorie tracking is often considered the gold standard. And for good reason: research has shown that those who track their intake are more likely to be successful in reaching their weight loss goals. But what if you're not interested in using a calorie tracker? Is it still possible to lose weight without one?

Before discussing alternative weight loss techniques to tracking it's important to understand how weight loss actually works. We are often sold miracle diets, pills and exercise programmes but, seldom, are we trusted with the actual truth behind weight loss...

How weight loss works

Weight change or maintenance is determined by energy balance.

Our weight will change if this balance is tilted in either way. If we have more energy than we need to maintain then we will gain weight. If we have less energy than we need to maintain then we will lose weight.

In food terms, we need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight.

An important caveat here is that not all weight loss is fat loss (and vice versa with weight gain) which is why we'll be talking about fat loss. Importantly, a calorie deficit is still required for most to achieve fat loss (although there are some instances whereby this may not be necessarily the case).

Our bodyweight and when it changes is more than just changes in fat mass. Most misinterpret weight loss for fat loss.

Much of the initial weight change associated with a new diet or change in diet is typically down to;

  • Changes in body water

  • Changes in stored carbohydrate

  • Changes in food travelling through the gastrointestinal tract

Additionally, fad diets (often promoting extreme restriction) can lead to muscle wastage and loss of bone mass which would lead to weight loss and be misinterpreted as dieting "success".

Fat loss is not always represented in weight change; measurements and photographic evidence may be better indicators. Fat loss is a complex process of having your hormones, metabolism, nutrient partitioning and nutrient timing working on your side. Here are some tips to help achieve life long fat loss and improved body comp. without tracking...

5 Calorie Tracking Free Weight Loss Tips