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Emotional eating library

Healther coping skills worksheet

Developing a healthier set of coping skills for negative emotional states can be an incredibly helpful tool for clients. Here's a practical guide explaining healthier coping skills with interactive elements.

Image by Karsten Winegeart

Hunger type

Helping a person to have a better understanding of the hunger they may be experiencing will allow them to better honour / manage it.

Cute Hungry Puppy

Overcoming body checking

Body checking is a form of critical self-reflection which can drive low mood and coping mechanisms / abusive behaviours. This document covers body checking as well as provides practical exercise in overcoming body checking.


Pinpointing "triggers"

It's important to focus on the "why" driving a behaviour rather than ruminating on the outcome itself. Helping someone identify their "trigger(s)" can allow them to better realize an effective solution.

Image by Markus Winkler

Mindful eating

The original step by step guide to practicing mindful eating as adapted from the foundational literary work.

Resting Surfer

Urge surfing

Urges precede many of our unwanted / undesired behaviours. Learning how to "surf" the emotional wave of a surge can help us better understand these urges and even act out more desirable behaviours.

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