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One to One Nutrition Coaching

The team of expert nutritionists and dietitians at Balance are here for you. Our team have helped hundreds of people achieve healthier, happier lives. You are a perfect fit with one of our team if you're someone who wants to...

Live a life Free of Binge Eating

Unlock your Athletic Potential and become the healthiest and happiest athlete you can be

Achieve Weight Loss for Life with no more Silly Fad Diets or Extreme Weight Loss Plans

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"The team at Balance perform such an incredibly important job. They've helped me completely transform my relationship with food and myself while also empowering me to achieve my goals. I feel like I was stuck for soo long and, at times, felt trapped in my body. I wish I had found Balance sooner! Thank you for changing my life!"


With Balance

Our coaching team will help you cultivate the life of your dreams. Think of us as a co-pilot, supporting you as you navigate your journey to wellbeing and learn how to fuel yourself for life.

Our team will help you stop viewing your body as a problem to be fixed, but rather offer a space to help you see all of your value and worth and learn to work with your body instead of against it. 

Take our quick quiz and figure out which of our nutrition services are perfect for you and your goals at this time.

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Be Binge Free

Our 12 week program has helped hundreds of struggling binge eaters free themselves from the misery of not feeling in control of their eating and experiencing extreme guilt, shame and anxiety around food.

We provide you the tools from day one to start taking steps forward in your life and overcoming binge eating for good. No more fads. No more guilt. No more shame. No more anxiety. Just freedom and health.

This service is perfect for those who are...

  • Ready to take back control of their nutrition and health

  • Tired of binge eating each day, multiple times a week or even when stressed

  • Sick of feeling anxious when alone around food

  • Dread social eating because of feeling like you're eating "bad" foods or being judged

  • Want to understand why they binge so they can stand up to it and overcome it

  • Courageous enough to pusue the health and happiness they deserve

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Weight Loss For Life

Our weight loss service is exactly what you've been searching for if you're sick and tired of the cycle of trying fad diet after diet and telling yourself every week you're starting over.


We're here for you if you're ready to...

  • Lose weight and keep it off for good


  • Ditch the miserable fad diets


  • Learn to lose weight without giving up the foods you love


  • Work with a coach that builds an approach around your life instead of forcing you to accomodate a diet that isn't practical or sustainable.


  • Embrace education and uncover the healthiest way to lose weight as well as discovering how food and the body works so you can stay lean for life.


Fuel to Unlock your Athletic Potential

Are you an athlete or someone who's incredibly active who is looking to unlock their potential and take their performance and body composition to a whole new level?

If any of the following resonates with you then our coaching team our here to help you...

  • You know you have more in you and you just need to fuel yourself more effectively

  • You want an approach that's built for you and your life outside of your sport / training


  • You want to learn how supplementation and nutrition around training can optimise your performance and recovery


  • Embrace education and uncover the healthiest way to fuel yourself as well as discovering how food and the body works so you can fuel good and feel good for life.

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