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Introducing Balance.

Northern Ireland's leading nutritionist coaching services team specializing in beating binge eating, achieving long-term successful weight loss and helping athletes unlock their potential

Our expert coaching team work alongside you to achieve your goals and set you up for a life of successes that go far beyond your time working with us.

We specialize in long term weight loss, disordered eating, eating disorders and food relationships, as well as sports nutrition and working with high to elite level athletes.

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24/7 access to your

expert coach

Work one to one with an expert nutritionist or dietician to achieve your goals!

A fully tailored and unique plan for you and your goals

No more restriction and

no more fad diets

We help you feel secure and comfortable throughout or process whilst helping you to be more; Accountable, 

Empowered and Confident

Stay motivated and reach your goals finally by learning what truly works for you!