Coaching Resources

Emotional eating toolbox

Here's a library of technique, strategies, worksheets and practices to use in tandem with "Improving your relationship with food and self" calendar.


Social media planner printable

Here's a useful calendar printable to use to plan your social media posts.

Image by Marvin Meyer

Future self exercise

An exercise in situational analysis and long term goal setting.

Writing with Pen

Portion control

A guide on how to use hand measurements to estimate portion requirements of nutrients when eating without the use of a tracker or when tracking may not be viable.


Overcoming body checking

Body checking is a form of critical self-reflection which can drive low mood and coping mechanisms / abusive behaviours. This document covers body checking as well as provides practical exercise in overcoming body checking.


Healther coping skills worksheet

Developing a healthier set of coping skills for negative emotional states can be an incredibly helpful tool for clients. Here's a practical guide explaining healthier coping skills with interactive elements.

Image by Karsten Winegeart

Fundamentals of meal quality

A brief guide on how a meal should be structured relating to food groups and the individual contribution they should approximately make to the meal.

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A brief overview and guide on peri-workout strategies including rationale and recommendations. There is a more indepth guide available in the Member's hub.

Crossfit Exercise

Mindful eating

The original step by step guide to practicing mindful eating as adapted from the foundational literary work.

Resting Surfer