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Binge eating; Understanding what it is, the underlying causes and how we can overcome it

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Binge eating is the most common disordered eating behaviour / defined eating disorder condition in the UK and Ireland.

It is estimated that over 17 million individuals suffer with binge eating disorder worldwide however only 5 to 15% of all people seek out support. The number of treated cases in clinical situations is particularly low in the UK and especially Ireland.

This is often due to individuals not feeling like they require or deserve the support, which can be influenced by their view of self as well as the influence of their environment (including friends, family and colleagues).

In this webinar series we want to present an overview of binge eating; What is binge eating, why we shouldn't trivialize the term "binge", why we binge, what can trigger a binge and the steps / techniques we can take / employ to overcome binge eating.

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What you'll learn in our series;

In our series we'll cover;

  • What binge eating is; defining the clinical diagnosis as well as raising awareness of how binge eating can appear without clinical recognition.

  • The importance of language around binge eating.

  • Society and the health and fitness industry's role in trivializing and undermining binge eating.

  • Why we binge; how our past influences our present and the other contributors towards binge eating behaviour.

  • The influence of environment and day to day triggers

  • The importance of self-talk, body image and objective thinking and reflection in binge eating recovery.

  • How we can overcome binge eating

  • Evidence based strategies used in managing binge eating behaviours

  • How you can support an individual with binge eating

  • The resources individuals can seek out to achieve further support to overcome binge eating

The format of our series;

This is a three part webinar series.

The first part will be held live on Wednesday the 26th of May 2021 at 7pm with the subsequent parts being then held on the 2nd of June and then the 9th of June (also at 7pm GMT).

The ticket for the entire three part series is £19.99

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