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Tracking your menstrual cycle.

This period calculator is a must-have tool for every woman who wants to understand her menstrual cycle. You can use this period predictor to determine when is your next period, for example, to plan a period-free vacation.. You can also use it as a period tracker that gives you accurate information about when is the best time to get pregnant.

Understanding and being able to, as best you can, track and predict your cycle will allow you to adjust your dietary intake, supplementation protocol and exercise regime around your menstrual cycle.

Tracking where you are in cycle will also allow you to identify specific times in the month when mood swings, cravings and or performance and recovery issues may arise. Try out our PMS treatment supplement stack to help minimize symptoms and keep your regular routine as best you possibly can!

Around a week before menstruation begins supplement daily with the following stack;

  • Magnesium citrate -250mg

  • Zinc citrate -45mg

  • "Baby" aspirin -80mg

  • Omega 3 fatty acids -1g

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