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"Balance has revolutionized how I look at food. Working with a nutritionist has opened my eyes to how my dietary & lifestyle choices can improve my PCOS control, mental health and physical wellbeing. With all of my ups and downs they have been there the entire journey, helping, guiding and providing flexible support the entire way."

Jade M.

"...the physical and mental changes I’ve seen in myself. I now have the ability to listen to my body and know what I need when – whether it be recovery, more food, or even chocolate (always everyday!)"


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"...the support I have had during this year. It’s not just about the nutrition but overall well-being. I respect that aspect a lot because no one is a machine. Jamie is always there to support and listen,helping you to see the bright side of things. I think every athlete needs someone like Jamie in their team!"


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"... easy and enjoyable. Friendly and confidential. The results came quicker than I expected. Comparing to any diet change I attempted myself, I could not believe how much of a change I noticed in a short period of time."


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