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Through our One to One Nutrition Coaching Service you will be assigned an expert coach, who will design a nutrition plan specifically tailored to you, your lifestyle, your circumstances and your goals. Your coach will work with you to support you ensuring you feel secure and confident while advising, motivating and empowering you to achieve your goals.   

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Starting your Journey

Our Expertise

We've helped individuals virtually across the entire spectrum of health, performance and nutrition needs;

  • We've prepped athletes for national level and international competitions

  • We've worked with athletes to improve their performance through nutrition across a range of sports, including; weightlifting, powerlifting, marathon running, track & field, cycling, gaelic, rugby, football, hockey and those within the performing arts sector

  • We've helped individuals work through, improve and let go of disordered eating / eating disorder patterns

  • We've helped individuals suffering with IBS and other digestive issues; educating them on which foods they should minimise their exposure to, swaps which can be made and improving overall quality of life as well as performance in our athlete clients

  • We've helped women with PCOS and other menstrual dysfunction issues (for example, athletes who have lost their menstrual cycle and/or it's regularity due to excessive dietary restriction for bodybuilding/physique showcases)

  • We work with individuals to improve their knowledge of nutrition and how the body actually works

  • We teach people how to co-exist within the current food environment rather than fight against it with severely restrictive practices

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