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Support for

true change

Breaking free from food prison

Our nutritionist service addresses these issues from all fronts; enabling you to manage them present day whilst supporting you to get to the very source and make peace with / resolve it.

We understand that these struggles extend far beyond food and our experience and expertise in these subjects have allowed us to free many people from the living prison that is an eating disorder / disordered eating.

Our support has helped those with;

Binge Eating

Body image issues


Secretive eating

Food guilt

Obsessive exercisers

Cycling through different diets

Recovering after physique shows / photo shoots

How our service works

This coaching service is a personalized approach to improving your health and recovering your relationship with food and self using the experience and education of our highly qualified coaches. 

You will be asked to fill in a pre-screening questionnaire and then this will be followed up with a skype call or meeting (dependent on location) so you can get to know your coach better and, likewise, they can ask you any questions they have!

What comes next

Following the initial screening your coach will be in touch via e-mail to provide you your welcome pack and then endeavor to get the following materials over to you as soon as possible (typically within 48 to 72 hours depending on the case);

  • An initial indepth call to discuss your history and present enabling us to begin the recovery process

  • An extensive and tailored recommendations booklet based on your screening information.

  • A detailed plan tailored to you which incorporates strategies across all the health domains

  • Unique health and performance supplementation recommendations and explanations.

  • A welcome pack

  • Educational materials on protein and fibre.

  • Educational materials on tracking, why and how we track, and an insight into the progressive nature of dietary change and a constantly adapting approach.

  • Educational materials to support the enabling of an individual moving from tracking into a more intuitive and or mindful way of eating.

  • Access to our member's hub which is being frequently updated with free content (such as monthly recipe books).

How we monitor

Weekly check ins via email on an agreed date physical and psychological analysis as well as other measurement metrics mentioned in your welcome pack.

Skype / phone check ins if and when required.

Pricing & Getting Started


This coaching service is currently;

£99 a month*

£240 for 3 months upfront - a 10% discount on monthy rolling subscription (register on this page) 

*We suggest a minimum of three month commitment*

What comes next?

Fill out the registration form or go and check out some of our testimonials (here or on instagram and facebook) first if you're on the fence! Alternatively, feel free to send us a message!


We're committed to you so likewise we want you to be as committed to us first before joining!